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Civil Litigation: What Is It and What Does the Process Involve?

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Canadian statistics show lawyers file more than 750,000 civil lawsuits yearly! Criminal lawsuits happen you are charged with a crime and then prosecuted by the government. Civil litigation occurs when there are disputes against 'entities.'

When you file a civil case, you'll need the best civil litigation lawyer to ensure you win.

Here's a look at an explanation of what civil litigation is and the process as it moves through the system. Moreover, you will also learn about choosing the best civil litigation lawyer.


What is civil litigation?

Types of civil litigation can run the gambit from personal injury, landowner disputes, child custody, and employment law.

For example, if you become hurt in a car accident and the other driver is at fault, you'd hire a civil litigation lawyer. The civil litigation attorney will fight to recover damages, hospital bills, and lost wages.

Other types of civil litigation include employment law. A civil litigation lawyer will review the employment contract, such as a noncompete clause. A civil litigation attorney will fight to get your job back or reach a settlement in a wrongful termination case.


Civil litigation starts with a plaintiff filing a complaint. The defendant gets a copy and responds.

The case then moves to discovery, when lawyers ask each other for information. Both want facts about the case. Both sides might hear from expert witnesses.

Motions hearings are part of the civil litigation process and occur when there are questions bout the law. There might be disagreements about procedures. The defendant might also ask for the case to be dismissed.

In some cases, both sides can work out an agreement to avoid a trial as part of the civil litigation process. They might mediate differences or come up with a settlement.

A trial involves a judge, jury, and plenty of hours in the courtroom. The plaintiff must go beyond a reasonable doubt to prove their case.

Post-trial, there could be an appeal.


Hire a lawyer who is an expert in employment, personal injury, or contract law - the area where you need help. Ask about their experience, how many cases they won, and the kinds of settlements.

Ask to meet with them to explain your case. Discuss how the process will unfold. Question their thoroughness and if they will be personally involved in the case.

Most importantly, talk about how you will pay your legal bills.

What You Need To Know About Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves legal disputes over 'entities' such as personal injury, land, and employment. The process goes from initial court filing to possible settlement and a trial.

Most importantly, having the right lawyer fight for you is best.

There's no problem too big or too small that I can't solve. Do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to review your case.


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