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Unbundled Legal Services

We are all familiar with the bundling concept, where you can have multiple services, such as your cable, home phone and cell phone, all on one bill. Whether you get cable or not, you must pay for it if you have purchased it as a bundle. Some law firms work in a similar way, bundling a multitude of services that aren’t always necessary. Legal fees can become unaffordable as hourly fees for unnecessary services can cause your bill to skyrocket.


I am pleased to offer "unbundled legal services"**. I am one of the few law firms to offer this service in the Niagara Region. While certain restrictions will apply depending on your case, you can choose which services you want and which to forego, in many cases saving you legal fees with no reduction in the quality of necessary or required legal services. As an example, not every court case requires the lengthy, full-retained attendance of your lawyer when, for example, there is a lengthy list and your case is simply being adjourned. A further example may be when you require legal assistance to draft complicated, mandatory court documents, but you do not wish to incur the cost of a fully retained lawyer to appear on your behalf at court.


Choose Our Unbundled Legal Services


Choosing the "unbundled legal services"** option at my firm means YOU choose what legal services are necessary. That means you will never pay for non-essential legal services beyond what you request or require.


**Certain restrictions to unbundled legal services may apply due to the nature of your legal issue. Unbundled legal services are not available for criminal law matters.

Fulfill Your Legal Requirements

Seek J. Leigh Daboll Law Office’s unbundled legal services. Let’s start with an initial consultation.

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