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Experienced Agricultural Lawyer Serving Niagara and St. Catharines

The agricultural industry comes with a host of legal complexities and challenges that can be hard and frustrating to understand. J. Leigh Daboll’s agricultural lawyer can provide reliable legal expertise to help you navigate and handle farmland, lease, and environmental issues along with private disputes for your farm or agricultural property in Niagara and throughout Ontario.

Our agricultural lawyer at J. Leigh Daboll will take the time to understand your legal situation and requirements to give you personalized attention and legal advice. Call us now to schedule a consultation for agricultural law services in the Niagara region.

Scope of Agricultural and Farm Law Services

We provide legal representation and advice to farmers, landowners and associations,  agricultural groups, and owners of agricultural properties in Ontario on a range of issues you may face including:

Lease disputes
Land damage issues
Neighbour disputes
Permit and environmental issues
Government regulations and related issues
Private farm disputes


J. Leigh Daboll will help you understand the complicated legislation and regulations involved in the farming and agricultural sector, such as restrictions on expansions and livestock operations. You can also rely on our agricultural lawyers in Niagara to help you settle disputes with your neighbours and landowners or tenants fairly and discreetly. Contact our legal team today and get answers to your questions.

Comprehensive Legal Services

It's not unusual for cases and disputes in agriculture or farming to involve other types of legal knowledge, like real estate laws, business laws, wills and estate law and more. J. Leigh Daboll can assist in these areas as well. With nearly 30 years of experience in all aspects of the law and legal matters, we can provide you with confidential and professional services for your legal situation. 

We are one of the few law firms in Niagara to offer unbundled legal services where you get to choose what legal services are necessary for your case. This will save you from paying for non-essential legal services beyond what you request and require. Speak to us about your case and legal issues today.

Why Choose J Leigh Daboll

The office of J. Leigh Daboll, has served Niagara, St. Catherine, and surrounding areas of Ontario with reliable and affordable legal representation for nearly 30 years. J. Leigh Daboll is currently a PAg. (Professional Agrologist), who has appeared in front of most listed tribunals in addition to the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board and Ontario Chicken Board.  Some benefits of retaining our legal services are:

Our professional, experienced and accredited lawyer and law clerks on staff
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies
We have payment plans available on approved credit
Conciliatory negotiating or commanding litigation– it’s your choice

Contact Us for Agricultural Law Services

Our agricultural lawyer in Niagara is results-oriented and you can rely on us to be transparent with you at every step of the way. Book a consultation to discuss your agricultural or farm legal situation today.

Need Help Navigating Farming and Agriculture Laws?

We provide the legal assistance and assurance you need to protect your land and business in Niagara, St. Catherine and across Ontario.

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