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Property Disputes and Home Defects

Get Expert Legal Support on Property Disputes in Ridgeville

Are you facing property disputes or issues related to home defects? Led by the highly experienced J. Leigh Daboll, our team of experts at J. Leigh Daboll Law Office, Ridgeville, provides legal service related to home and property law. We deal with property litigation matters and provide legal dispute support after property purchase. Contact us for assistance with P&S (purchase and sale) deals gone bad, boundary and fence line disputes, adverse possession claims and more. If you have just bought a new home, but the seller has not disclosed crucial information to you about defects such as leaky basement foundations, etc., we can answer all your questions and help you know your options as well as determine the best means of recourse.

A Note from J. Leigh Daboll

I provide post-closing legal dispute support - specifically around home defects and property disputes. Thus, I help you with property surveys, title issues and Tarion warranty. I provide you legal counsel in navigating through a situation where a known defect (that wasn’t disclosed earlier) is discovered after the property purchase is closed.


Please note that I do not practice “solicitor” real estate law, conveyancing, or mortgages (basically, anything that requires land registration) or real estate transactions.

Purchased a Home with a Latent Defect?

Contact us to know your options and protect your rights.

Need emergency legal assistance?

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