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Property Disputes and Home Defects

Expert Property Disputes Lawyer in Niagara Falls

Are you facing property disputes or issues related to home defects? J. Leigh Daboll, is highly experienced in litigating property disputes related to home and property law in Niagara Falls and throughout Niagara. My legal team handles property litigation cases and provides legal support for disputes arising after a property purchase. I can assist you with issues such as failed Purchase of Sale deals, boundary and fence line conflicts, adverse possession claims, and neighbour disputes. If you're experiencing problems with a new home purchase due to undisclosed defects like leaky basement foundations, we can help answer your questions and guide you toward the best course of action. Contact us for reliable assistance.

When Is Litigation for Property Dispute Necessary?

Property disputes are common in family law cases, and the resolution process can vary. When disputes cannot be settled through mediation or collaborative law, litigation becomes necessary. If you find yourself embroiled in a property dispute and reside in the Niagara Falls area, seeking the assistance of a proficient property disputes lawyer in Niagara Falls, such as J. Leigh Daboll Law Office, can be invaluable.


To begin the litigation process, you must prepare a strong case with compelling evidence that supports your position. Crafting a fact and law-based and well-reasoned claim is crucial to enhance your chances of success. Hiring a lawyer with experience in property disputes will not only ensure the adequacy of evidence but also increase your prospects of winning the case. Once the preparation phase is complete, the lawsuit is filed with the court and served to all involved parties.

Common Types of Property Disputes

Property disputes can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, whether it's related to buying, selling, or renting a home. The complexity of such cases arises from the various laws and regulations that govern the process. Let's explore some common types of property disputes that can arise:


Breach of contract: This occurs when one party fails to fulfill their obligations under a mutual agreement. For example, failure to pay rent or carry out necessary property repairs can lead to legal action by the other party.

Real estate fraud: Among the most prevalent property disputes, real estate fraud involves attempting to defraud someone by selling or renting a property with known defects or issues. Legal actions can seek compensation for damages caused by fraudulent representations.

Co-owner dispute: Disagreements between co-owners can arise when one wants to sell their interest without the consent of others. This may lead to a lawsuit for partitioning the property, allowing each co-owner to have their share of the land.

Boundary dispute: Often arising between neighbours, boundary disputes usually revolve around disagreements over property lines. Legal intervention, such as filing a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Justice or Small Claims Court becomes necessary to resolve these disputes.

In any of these property disputes, seeking guidance from a seasoned property disputes lawyer in Niagara Falls, like J. Leigh Daboll Law Office, can make a significant difference in achieving a favourable resolution and alleviating the stress associated with such matters. Check out our blog for more valuable insights on property disputes and other legal topics.

A Note from J. Leigh Daboll

I provide post-closing legal dispute support - specifically around home defects and property disputes. Thus, I help you with property surveys, title issues and Tarion warranty. I provide you with legal counsel in navigating through a situation where a known defect (that wasn’t disclosed earlier) is discovered after the property purchase is closed.


Please note that I do not practice “solicitor” real estate law, conveyancing, mortgages, non-litigation matters requiring land registration, real estate transactions or condominium law.

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