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Dependable Family Lawyer in St. Catharines & Niagara

Are you getting separated or divorced and looking for a family lawyer in St Catharines?  Are you facing a serious issue such as child custody or visitation access? Do you need help getting an adoption approved? You should never have to face these grave and legally complicated matters without solid representation. At J. Leigh Daboll Law Office, we handle family law issues related to many matters of family law, whether it’s property division or adoption. Thanks to J. Leigh Daboll’s experience, we can ensure that all your disputes are settled with as little acrimony as possible. However, if going to court is inevitable, you can rest easy knowing that he and his team will build a strong case for you and pursue resolutions that are in your best interest.


Settle Your Property Division, including the Matrimonial Home
The property issues in your situation can range substantially, from being seemingly straightforward to convoluted. Challenges can arise about whether to sell the matrimonial home, particularly if one of the parties wishes to keep the home for various reasons but cannot afford to. How debt is to be handled can also be a source of contention, especially when financial struggles result.

Discussions about dividing retirement savings plans can sometimes become unnecessarily lengthy, revolving around the amount of notional tax that should be applied. Property division also includes the estates and other residential properties that you might possess.  Additional difficulty can arise if financial disclosure is not provided by one of the parties and there exists significant business assets, corporate holdings or even offshore trusts. Estate planning helps you to draft living trusts and find ways to avoid estate taxes so that your property remains safe with you and your dear ones. 

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the rights of parties when it comes to a division of assets and debts and when it is that you are obliged to provide financial statements and further updates. We are experienced in guiding clients to achieve reasonable goals cost effectively. We understand our clients and help them get their affairs in the right order. 

Spousal Support
Negotiating spousal support or common law partner support can be a delicate issue, particularly where there are considerable differences in income between two parties and the depending on the duration of the relationship. Entitlement to support and the determination of the amount and duration of support can be complex issues, particularly where there are children to support as well. There may be variations in the spousal support arrangement due to disability or illness affecting one of the spouses, remarriage or retirement. In either of the cases, the final motion is passed only after the consent of both sides. Considering the suggestions and guidance of an experienced lawyer is an advantage when making changes to an existing legal agreement. Our professional lawyers ensure that you get the best possible solution for your legal troubles. 

Child Support
The child support guidelines establish base amounts of support to be paid for children, along with the potential sharing of extra-ordinary expenses. However, the time-sharing arrangement between the parents may impact the amount of support paid. There are also many factors that affect the child support amount that a judge may order, such as special expenses for daycare or illness and disability. 

Issues of support can also arise for post-maturity children (age 18+), who often continue to qualify as financial dependents if they are pursuing a post-secondary education and therefore are unable to support themselves. It is critical to understand your rights and obligations as a parent if you have custody of your children and if you do not.

Child Custody and Access
Custody and access decisions are critical for your children, with lasting effects into the future. These issues are often the centre of disputes, particularly where parents have differing objectives or parenting styles. The decisions made can have a significant impact on your children, so we help to guide you in your assessment of the best interests of the children. We can help you with custody, how time with the children is divided, mobility of your children, name changes, and educational pursuits, among other issues.

Adoption is a matter of provincial law in Canada. About half of adoptions in Canada occur through the administrative work of provincial adoption agencies, and the other half is handled privately or internationally. The law distinguishes between “family adoption,” where the child is adopted by a relative or stepparent and “non-family adoption,” where the child is adopted by someone else. When the government gets involved in adoption, many of the adoptees are subject to child protection legislation.

Once an adoption is successfully completed, legally adopted children thereafter will have the same rights as children who live with their biological parents. A family lawyer in Ridgeville at our law firm can discuss with you what is involved in the adoption process ahead and lead you through it from beginning to end.

Legal Agreements, including Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Marriage Contracts and Separation Agreements
If you are starting to cohabitate or your relationship is ending, we can assist you with the type of agreement you need to best preserve your legal rights. While no one wants to need a legal agreement with their partner, many people today wish to enter or exit from their relationships with clarified terms that address their specific needs.

Families in St. Catharines rely on J. Leigh Daboll Law Office, family lawyer in St. Catharines, to navigate the legal complexities of family law. Whether you need to establish primary residence for your child, determine child support details or achieve a legally watertight adoption, draw from the extensive knowledge at our law firm.


Knowledgeable Family Lawyer in St. Catharines and Welland

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