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Wrongful Termination

Reliable Wrongful Termination Lawyer Serving Niagara and St. Catharines

Being terminated from your place of employment is an incredibly stressful experience. To further complicate matters, your rights upon being wrongfully terminated are often a difficult legal landscape to navigate. An experienced legal professional can make sure your rights are fully protected. If you're looking for a wrongful termination lawyer in Niagara, J. Leigh Daboll can help. He provides confidential and reliable legal services to all his clients. With nearly 30 years of legal expertise, he is competent and will fight for your rights to ensure you get justice.


He will work to understand the depths of your case and your specific situation and make efforts to prepare you for any legal battles that might follow post the filing of your case. At the same time, he will ensure that you face the minimum possible hassles and get justice as soon as possible. If you feel your employment contract has been terminated wrongfully without reason, reach out to him, and he is sure to do all he can to help you out.


Understanding Employment and Employment Contracts

When you are employed by any person, party, organization or other, you sign an employment contract with your employer. This contract contains details of several things, including your salary, leave policy, exit clauses etc. This contract also includes information on possible reasons for the termination of an employment contract.


Your employment contract will also contact information about your notice period and employment termination notice. Suppose an employer wishes to terminate an employment contract and relieve you of your contract. In that case, the employer is required to give you either some time to find alternative employment or provide you with monetary compensation that will cover your expenses for a fixed amount of time. In case this does not happen, it could be grounds for a lawsuit for wrongful termination. In such cases, please call us to avail the services of J. Leigh Daboll, a reliable wrongful termination lawyer in Niagara.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination occurs when the way an employer terminates an employee's contract is in violation of one or more terms in either a written or an “implied” (non-written) contract of employment. Wrongful termination also describes instances where an employer's termination of an employee breaches employment statutes. Alternate terms for wrongful termination are wrongful dismissal or wrongful discharge.


How Do You Know if You Were Wrongfully Terminated?

If you suspect that you were wrongfully terminated, a legal professional can investigate your termination from your employment contract and determine the viability of your case, which would be painfully difficult for a layperson to decipher. Requesting counsel from a legal professional is a great way to protect yourself, as you will receive an assessment of your situation from an experienced and knowledgeable source who is familiar with all aspects of employment law.


Why Is It Important to Seek Legal Advice?

Protecting your rights if your employment has been wrongfully terminated is essential. To ensure your compensation is maximized (and often significantly greater than the typical minimums offered by your employer), it is in your interest to begin the review process as soon as possible, without wasting any time.


You should hire a wrongful termination lawyer if you lose your job due to any unlawful reasons. A lawyer can help you by:

Filing a suit
Guiding you through the legal process
Investigating the case
Documenting the evidence
Assessing the financial loss

What Is the Legal Process?

To begin this process, you will need to have the facts of your wrongful termination case assessed by a lawyer. Collect all legal documents, including your employment contract and termination papers and bring them with you to your consultation.


Should your lawyer determine that your wrongful termination case is viable, they will initiate a negotiation process with your former place of employment. Either through written, telephone or in-person meetings, your lawyer will advocate on your behalf.


Should negotiations prove fruitless, it may then become necessary to take legal action. Your lawyer will discuss court options with you, which can also include arbitration. There are a variety of possible legal avenues to take, depending on the nature of your case. Regardless of the situation, your lawyer will provide advice to ensure you make the best decision.

Discuss Your Wrongful Termination Case with J. Leigh Daboll in Niagara and St. Catharines

Trying to contact a former employer concerning wrongful termination is a daunting task. It is best to rely on the knowledge and skill of a legal professional to properly handle such a serious matter. J. Leigh Daboll is experienced in the area of employment law. Having handled numerous wrongful dismissal cases, he is able to provide each and every one of his clients with sound advice and strong legal counsel when they need it the most.


If you're in need of a wrongful termination lawyer in Niagara, contact us today.

Has Your Employment Been Wrongfully Terminated in Niagara and St. Catharines?

We can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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