Divorce Lawyers in St. Catharines

Divorce is painful and complicated enough without having to worry if your legal Is are dotted and Ts are crossed. Will you lose your home? How do you divide the finances? What financial resources are you entitled to? Here at J. Leigh Daboll Law Office, I’m accustomed to being the divorce lawyer St. Catharines can count on to guide individual clients and families all the way through the dissolution of a marriage, leaving no unpleasant surprises down the road. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. If you do not want to take your case to court, I also offer mediation services so you can resolve your divorce with less animosity and more cooperation.


My 40 years of combined experience in family, criminal, and employment law makes me competent enough to handle a wide variety of cases. My team comprises professionals who offer you legal advice, represent you in court and take care of proper documentation. As your trusted divorce lawyer in St. Catharines, I will ensure your rights are protected, allowing you to maintain confidentiality while avoiding conflicts of interest

Legal Grounds for Divorce
In Canada, in order to get a divorce your relationship must meet at least one of three criteria. In all cases, you need to provide the Court with proof that your situation meets the requirements. The three grounds for divorce in Canada are:

  • Separation: You and your spouse have been separated (living apart) for at least a year and do not intend to live together anymore. This is easiest to prove if you no longer live in the same home. However, it is also possible to prove if you do live in the same home, as long as you can show you live in separate rooms, talk to each other little, etc. 
  • Adultery: Adultery means one spouse cheated on the other spouse by having a sexual relationship with a third party. 
  • Cruelty: When one spouse is physically or mentally cruel to the other, you can file for divorce using cruelty as the reason. For cruelty to be used as your reason for divorce, it must be to the point that it is impossible for the spouse being attacked to live with the other spouse any longer.

Either spouse can claim one of these reasons for divorce. If you choose to divorce your spouse but aren’t sure if you meet the criteria exactly, contact a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer in St. Catharines can go over your history and help you organize the evidence necessary for you to file for divorce.

Your Divorce Questions Answered
When working with an experienced divorce lawyer, your divorce questions will be answered. Is your spouse resisting the divorce? Do you not want to go to court? Are you unsure what will happen to your children because of the divorce?

As a divorce lawyer in St. Catharines, I also provide legal guidance for other aspects of family law that coincide with divorce law, such as separation agreements, custody access and visitation rights. I’ll be able to go over every aspect of your personal situation to provide the guidance and answers you need.

Get the Help of a Divorce Lawyer in St. Catharines

I’m here to help you navigate the complexities and confusion of divorce without emptying your pockets. My goal is to help you design a plan so you can experience increasing confidence and independence in your divorce case. I will also assist you to look more realistically and optimistically at the path you will take through your present personal difficulties. When you need legal advice relating to dissolution of a marriage, contact J. Leigh Daboll Law Office for assistance.

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