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Employment Law

Experienced Employment Lawyer Serving Niagara & St. Catharines

Employment Law Not Equal to Labour Law


Your workplace should be a safe space where every employee is treated with respect and given the rights afforded under the employment standards of the Ministry of Employment Standard Act. If you feel like you're being unfairly treated in your workplace, being compensated unfairly or have been wrongfully terminated, J. Leigh Daboll, an employment lawyer in Niagara, can provide strong legal counsel.

The lawyers at J. Leigh Daboll have been representing employers and employees for their employment and workplace problems for over four decades in Niagara. We offer legal advice and representation services to top-level management, executives, all levels of managers, supervisors and even front-line employees.


Employment Law Fields We Cover in Niagara & St. Catharines

We represent employees in all areas of employment law, including:

Employment contracts and associate agreements for professionals
Employee termination cases and severance decision
Imposing confidentiality, non-competition, and non-solicitation contracts
Conflicts such as wrongful expulsion, discrimination, human rights, workplace harassment, etc.
Workers' wages and disability rights
Additional employment issues, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate takeovers, etc.

Our expert employment lawyers in Niagara support you in every step of the way. If you need a responsive employment lawyer in Niagara who concentrates on your needs and goals and guides you accordingly, reach out to us. You can also read the customer reviews to get a better idea about the quality of services offered at J. Leigh Daboll.

What Is Employment Law?

Put simply, employment law is a set of rules put in place to regulate the interactions between workers and employers. This particular legal area is meant to protect all parties involved and ensure fair relations are maintained. Employment law includes both the common or judge-made, the law of "master and servant," which is concerned mainly with wrongful dismissal, and a complex mass of statute law dealing with minimum labour standards, human rights, occupational health and safety, and workers' compensation.

Are You Being Treated Unfairly?

Have you been terminated? Is your severance package fair and acceptable? Don’t sign anything before speaking to our Hamilton wrongful dismissal lawyers.

There are specific rules and regulations every employer must follow in the province of Ontario. These are laid out clearly by the Employment Standards Act, 2000. If you feel you are being marginalized or short-changed at work, your case may fall into one of these areas, such as:

Workplace bullying
Workplace harassment
Sexual harassment
And more

Know Your Rights

Do you know what is a reasonable notice and what does it have to do with your termination? Are you aware of the term ‘severance pay’? As an employee, you are guaranteed certain rights in the workplace, including being free from harassment and employer retaliation if you file a discrimination claim. Unfortunately, many workers are unaware of their rights until they are infringed upon by their employer or another employee. Most people do not know the ins and outs of employment law.


Should you find yourself in a situation where your rights are being compromised, it is quite likely that you are unaware of how extensively they are being diminished. That's where J. Leigh Daboll comes in.

Why It's Important to Request Legal Representation

There are many laws that affect the workplace, and their interactions can be complicated. It takes years to develop a competent understanding of employment law, and it is virtually impossible to learn this on your own. Hiring a lawyer will best ensure that you do not make any costly mistakes.


Taking on an entire company is a daunting task for just one person. A legal case of this nature can also require diplomacy, tact and a dispassionate demeanour. If you are in the middle of a difficult workplace situation, it can be hard to gain perspective and act without emotion.


This is why a professional employment lawyer is critical at such times. Not only will you have even-minded support and advice from a skilled professional, but you'll also have the resources of our entire firm at your disposal.


J. Leigh Daboll’s experienced employment lawyer can:

Help you file a lawsuit
Challenge evidence
Guide you throughout the legal procedure
Help you with documentation
Provide expert legal advice
Negotiate settlement

You Can Trust J. Leigh Daboll in Niagara & St. Catharines

As a boutique law firm, J. Leigh Daboll is knowledgeable and flexible enough to take on a variety of legal matters. In addition to employment law, we've also handled cases in legal areas such as family divorce, criminal law and wrongful termination, offering solid representation to all our clients.


Given J. Leigh Daboll's considerable experience within employment law, you can expect to be represented by a lawyer who takes the time to get to know you and your case in-depth. For an initial consultation, call today to discuss your case with our employment lawyer in Niagara.

Dedicated Employment Lawyers in Niagara & St. Catharines

We are enthusiastic about our work, which translates into great employee support and representation.

Need Emergency Legal Assistance in Niagara & St. Catharines?

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