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Do You Need a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Niagara?

Lawyer signing documents

Do you have reason to believe you were wrongfully terminated? Then it is in your best interests to have your case evaluated by a wrongful termination lawyer. As Niagara's choice for solid legal advice, I do my utmost to provide all my clients with thoughtful and wise legal counsel.

Seeking a Family Lawyer in St. Catharines? With my lengthy practice experience in many areas of family law and divorce law practice in St. Catharines and Niagara, I have developed a very comprehensive knowledge of both areas. If you are facing a separation, divorce or have child custody or support issues, I make it my mission to ensure you fully understand all aspects of the law and the legal process. Billing for a Wrongful Termination or Family Law Case The first question most of my clients have when they come to me concerns some variation of “How much is this going to cost me?” With full transparency in mind, I've compiled a helpful and detailed breakdown of how legal fees are calculated, as well as tips on how you can make the best use of your valuable financial resources when you hire me as your wrongful termination lawyer in Niagara. How Our Legal Fees Are Structured There are many variables that affect the amount of legal fees you are required to pay. My fees are structured on the following elements: Try using “Unbundled Legal Services”. As one of the few law firms in the Niagara Region to offer unbundled services, we help you save on fees by choosing which services you want and which ones to forego. Learn more about this option here. The time required to prepare documents and provide you with strong legal advice The resources (human or otherwise) and level of expertise used that contribute to your successful outcome The level of opposition put forth by the opposing party Whether or not emergency work is required to be performed (this is a big one) How to Reduce Your Legal Fees Clients are billed according to the time that the lawyers spend working on your case. Depending on the complexity and amount of documentary materials required to craft a convincing argument, some costs are unavoidable. However, there are many steps you can take (and traps to avoid) to prepare in advance and minimize those legal fees: All correspondence is billed. Answering telephone calls, emails and voicemails all cost money. If you have scheduled a call, or need to send an email, prepare in advance and ensure you have collected your thoughts so you can ask all the questions you may have at one time. This will not only streamline the communication process, but also minimize confusion. Prepare, prepare, prepare. The more preparation you do and less we have to remind you about “homework” (and clients always have at least some homework) , the less time I will need to prepare, and the more fees you will save. If you are compiling documents for legal review, put them in chronological order, index your files and generally organize any materials so that they can easily be analyzed. This is particularly true of your tax returns, as they almost always form an integral part of any family, employment, business or estate law case. Be reachable. If you can be reached promptly via phone or email, it will speed the communication process along and minimize costs that may be incurred over time spent trying to contact you. To book an appointment for an initial consultation, call today.


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